Thursday, August 11, 2016

A Horrible Look at Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice

Is it an Art film? Do you agree or disagree with my claims? Do I really care either way? Stay tune to the video to find out!! Nananananana inyoface! ;P

Saturday, October 5, 2013

The life of Jian

If you could be one other person who would you be is a standard question often asked by many people and there's a slew of different answers that could be offered by a whole host of different people, but as for me the one person I would be is a hard question to ask, I can't imagine being someone else. It's tough walking in my own shoes, if I were to try on another pair they might mess up my feet more than the ones I'm wearing now. But if I could be someone else, I'd probably pick someone with better looks and who has an easier time making others laugh. I don't think I could ever narrow it down to someone else, because I'd much rather be myself, the only thing I would change is how easily I can get along with others and how much determination, knowledge, and confidence I could have. I wish I just had it easy but if I had it easier than where I hope to get to wouldn't really be as worth it as it could be 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


So I have a confession, this day way back when was the first time I heard of the World Trade Center, I don't know why I had never heard of the Twin Towers before, I knew of the Empire State Building, the Sears Tower, but never really heard or remember seeing the WTC, and I was stuck in first period for hours while my teacher was trying to find a radio so we could listen to what was happening, I didn't really know much until I got home and saw the devastation and suddenly my world got bigger and I found out about Osama and Middle East problems with Terrorism, I remember I spent days watching CNN wanting to know more. The more I learned the worse I felt though about the whole situation of America and the Middle East. No matter what we attempted to do over there it was like we stepped in with dirty hands and washed them in their drinking water. Our concerns have never really been about others, but how to sustain the wealth of the US. I don't want to say we brought the attacks on ourselves, because it wasn't those who died who caused it to happen. It was those who weren't even the victims who not only allowed it to happen, but also those who help create men like Osama in the first place by teaching him military tactics and providing arms to him and his armies. I wish our government had more concern for the sake of the American people, but their main priority is almost always a matter of greed over people. Our diplomacy is almost always a matter of greed and not a matter of prosperity. And the innocent are the ones who suffer. They are often the ones that can be heroes in times of tragedy and the ones who are stronger than the ones in power who use and abuse them like tools. With that I say my prayers and condolences to all those who have lost loved ones because of terrorism, violence, and senselessness. To the military make sure what your fighting for is for the sake of the people, and to the troops keep fighting the good fight, the fight that will make it so we don't have to fight no more. - J. Blue

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Day in the Life

It's tough stuff being J Blue maybe not the toughest, well most definitely not the toughest but with so many responsibilities on my plate, and wearing all these hats while running low on headspace, it's tough to add more but sure why not, all the more I hope that it will help me get to a better happiness and success in my life. It was awesome though to hang with so many of my compatriots, confidantes what a great night doing something for others might be weird or even monotonous but we enjoy it well even though I'll be sleepless and longing for the bed today it's worth it I think for what I get to do I guess, anyway volleyball practice, a wedding, and possibly meeting up with an old friend interesting day ahead for this bluebird 

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Year of Gangnam Style

It's pretty amazing to see that a song from Korea was able to take the top spot on the ever dominating platform that is Youtube, a website that has launched a bunch of people into the spotlight with their content creation, whether it be music, comedy videos, how to videos, playing video games videos, or doing a multitube (lol I meant to put to multitude** but that works well haha) of different content all centered around getting people's attention, but not only that but helping to keep people entertained, it is a surprising idea that some seemingly unimportant singer from Korea with no particularly remarkable looks or singing style was able to find so much success on the internet, (the internet is one unpredictable chick) in reality what makes it more important is that Psy is unlike much of what is coming out of Korea (see Big Bang, SNSD, as well as what we have here in the States, many singers rely a lot on their looks to gain the notoriety in order to get famous, this country is very centered around looks and beauty, but despite that somehow Psy was able to dominate a market that isn't normally that open to Asians, especially overweight Asians even.  We have hardly any leading men of Asian descent able to have their own movies, often stuck in roles as the supporting characters, even sometimes a quick glimpse or a stereotype, and in comparison to the top musical celebrities Asians are sadly overlooked, or not counted at all and it is really tough for them to really break out and grab the spotlight. As I'm typing this I can hardly think of one person who has broken this sad trend, besides Psy of course. He is hopefully a change that is very much needed, despite how many people are adverse to him and his "style" he was able to dominate Youtube, not once, but twice and he might be able to do it again. The first time he was the first person to surpass the Biebs with "Gangnam Style," which can bring a tear to my eye haha, with it's current whopping 1,719,655,194 views, but then he did it again with his follow up single to his new album, which I found out recently, it was the first song to gain 38 Million views in a single day, though it is not currently close to the amount of views of Gangnam, Psy is the first to break two records on Youtube and might be the last for some time, at least until the next sensation sweeps the internet. Well I didn't want to go on too long, so until next time - J. Blue

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The J Blue Show Returns

Yes, sorry I took a one week hiatus, just like real tv shows, man I feel so cool now, haha j/k, actually I'm probably lamer than ever, so I'm still working on my overall content, and it's 4 in the morning and all I can think about is how great it is to be doing what I'm doing and attempting to get myself out there, even though I'm very ragged and running on sleep fumes at this point, but still very exciting and I don't want this sentence to end, or this feeling I guess also ;) I know I have some haters out there and those that might not appreciate my content and sometimes get's me worried, but I have to push through that, and ultimately yes I am going to work on meself, but in the MEantime this is still the best that I'm capable of, I have to be meself, or myself, whatever ;P I already am ready for next weeks episode and have another video premiering on Thursday which I'm excited about, but I'm not completely sure what exactly it will entail, but it should be a lot of fun. Also I have music ideas on the way, and movie reviews still on the backburner until such time I'm sufficient in figuring out the youtube climate, and by that time it will most likely change, hooray for climate change ;) it's a lie!! Republicans told me so! Anyways, I should stop and go and stop and go, or something like that, so I'll leave now with this:

J. Blue

Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Uncle

So I'm late to post my video this week, due to some unexpected hindrances, but oh well, soon enough I will be able to post it, had to change up what I was planning to post until next week, and talked about something much more pertinent to my life, being an uncle. The toughest job on the planet, well second only to being a mother, and maybe a father, I guess. Still a fun, but hard position, but a great opportunity, I love both of my nieces and my nephew, of course I miss the one who is now in NorCal and hope to go and visit ASAP, but we'll see if I'll get the opportunity to. Anyway hopefully I can get the video up soon and start working on more stuff, gotta jet now, JBlue out.